PALOS is designed to efficiently create photo ad magazines. The following is representative of a PALOS page. The PALOS system matches the ad copy and photo together in a pre-designed format. The number of ads per page, columns, rows, ad format and font specifications are just a few of the customizable features.

Download Zip file for complete demo here. PALOS Guided Tour

Header Pictures Folio
Page Setup Text Templates


The Header can be an eps file, pict file, tiff. The Header can be set to start at the top of the page, the start of a new section, or both. A Header is not mandatory.


The Images can be an eps files, pict files, tiff files. The picture will automatically link to the corresponding ad copy. The size of the picture can be predefined or sized according to the area available(the less text, the bigger the picture).


The Folio can be customized for each publication or for each section with the publication. The left folio can differ from the right folio. A folio is not mandatory.

Page Setup

The Page Setup is customized by you. You set the ads per page, the maximum ads per page, the gutter width and height, and the margins all around the page.


The text can be completely customized. It can vary from ad type to ad type. You might have reversed text on one ad type and large bold text on another. You can have as many ad types as you like.


The templates are your ad design. You can design an ad to be any format and design as many formats as you like. The templates can be any size or design.