PALOS - Photo Ad Layout System

From start to finish, PALOS allows you to electronically produce a complete photo ad publication. In addition to cutting production costs, PALOS uses automated page layout, digital photography, and high resolution output to dramically improve the publication's appearance.

PALOS revolutionizes the production of photo ad publications! Using QuarkXPress in conjuction with an XTension, PALOS lays out ad copy with digitized gray or color half-tones. Automating the layout process means shorter production times, lower labor costs, and publications of consistently higher quality.

PALOS is compatible with a wide variety of ad entry systems. Ad copy may be entered in our Macintosh based AdEntry program which has multi-user capability and may be tailored to fit your particular needs. In addition, our AdLink application enables you to import ad copy from any database or entry system which you may already have.

PALOS consists of four interactive software modules: AdEntry/AdLink, PhotoCaps, AutoLayout, and AdBase. Each module can be run independently of the others, and the whole system can be configured for multiple users.

PALOS brings the latest computer technology to pre-press production. The result: layout is cleaner, editing is easier, and production costs drop dramatically. It is time to give up cut and paste layout for good!