PALOS Products

AdLink - gathers all the paid and current ads each run entered from our AdEntry system or through your pre-existing entry system. It sorts the ads and prepares them to be placed into your publication.
enter the customer and ad information into the AdEntry module. Ads can be set to run from one run of your publication up to every run. You can select a section for it to run in as well as a size in AdEntry. Several reports can be run to the number of ads, the different types of customers, or you can customize reports to fit your needs.

PhotoCaps -

is the PALOS digital image processing system which captures and digitizes color and grayscale images. A stand-alone application, PhotoCaps can be used in conjuction with a wide range of scanning and digitizing devices. Once an image is scanned, it can be linked to the publication databases and automatically imported into the layout of a publication.

AdBase -

is the PALOS database management system which enables you to update information for each type of ad, including sections and templates. In AdBase, you can define the page size, the margins, the sections, the maximum number of ads on a page per section, and the fonts available to be used.

AutoLayout -

is an XTension to QuarkXPress that automatically paginates ad copy, digital photos, and display ads in a user definable format to produce a complete digital publication. Using AutoLayout you can produce high quality publications in only a fraction of the time necessary for traditional cut and paste methods.
DisplayBuilder -
is an XTension to QuarkXPress that automatically builds display ads for later pagination. Using Displaybuilder will help with the flow process of building display ads and better organization. Xtension will detect a missing photo for the display ad and will automatically save the ad for final proof and generate EPS for final pagination.